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Convey Tachograph software overview

Convey Tachograph enables flexible access to consistent data for drivers, managers and others in your organisation via web, mobile or desktop as you choose. Interfaces and workflows are engaging and easy to use and because it is cloud based system updates take place with no impact on your operations.

Integrated Convey Tachograph workflow

Convey Tachograph provides an integrated workflow that captures, processes and stores driver and vehicle unit data. View, report and access that data when and how you want.


Transfer data to Convey for storage, reporting and analysis whenever you choose.

Select from a range of digital tachograph download devices offering different capabilities to meet your specific requirements. Use either a dedicated smartcard reader for driver cards along with a VU download device or one that handles both. These offer simple driver and VU downloading when connected to a local computer running the Convey Desktop software.

Alternatively, remove the need for any software to be installed by using remote driver card and VU download to load data straight into Convey Tachograph. This can be directly from the vehicle or from a dedicated download terminal in the depot.


Once data is transferred to Convey, your driver and VU data is processed and stored.

Digital Tachographs record significant volumes of complex data. Convey Tachograph removes this complexity and organises, structures and securely stores your data. It also removes the complexity and hassle of interpreting that data and presents it in a way that is easy to understand.

Convey Tachograph gives you a complete picture of driver and vehicle activity over time, with data held securely for a minimum of 2 years.


Convey Tachograph builds up a complete picture of driving, working, break and rest patterns and a wide range of reports to meet your compliance and internal reporting needs.

Our reports highlight drivers with the best or worst performance, areas of risk or patterns of infringements.

Use the analysed data as a platform to maintain a fully auditable compliance process to actively debrief drivers when infringements have occurred and take action to provide support or training.


Convey Tachograph offers complete flexibility for how you access your data and reports.

As a manager, login to Convey Tachograph via a web browser to view all data relating to your drivers and vehicles. The system will proactively notify you of key compliance areas via email or text reports and alerts.

As a driver, choose to login via a web browser or Smartphone App to view your own data. This includes information such as a detailed breakdown of previous shifts, availability to work and any infringements.

Convey Tacho Pricing

Pay per driver per day.
No vehicle unit download fees and no additional costs for alerts or reports.

  • Itemised invoices monthly in arrears.
  • No requirement for contracts or subscription commitments.
  • No direct debits