Convey Tachograph

Convey Tachograph

The complete Tachograph analysis software solution for all aspects of PCV, HGV and commercial vehicle reporting and management.

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Be complaint, stay compliant

Compliance with EU and UK government legislation is an imperative for all transport operators.

Convey Tachograph helps you safeguard your operator licence and be compliant and stay compliant whatever the size of your fleet.

Convey Tachograph makes it easy for you to monitor performance, comply with legal requirements and most importantly keep your drivers on the road.

Integrated module

Convey Tachograph is part of the Convey platform. It meets your drivers’ hours and working time directive needs. Use it standalone or alongside other modules.


Any size of fleet

Convey Tachograph is for organisations with just a single commercial vehicle to those with many hundreds or thousands and the ability to scale as you grow.


Automated alerts

Use Convey Tachograph to set-up and receive automated text and email alerts for issues and infringements as they happen and take action before they escalate.


Real time reporting

Download your data and get instant reports from Convey Tachograph to manage compliance and increase the capacity of your fleet.


Who is it for?

For drivers

Drivers can login to Convey Tachograph to view their own data via a smartphone App or web browser. This includes information such as a detailed breakdown of their previous shifts, availability to work and infringements.

For managers

Managers have a complete view of driver and fleet performance. Set-up and respond to automated alerts, manage resources, review infringements and take appropriate action, when and how you need.

For better business

As well as meeting UK and EU compliance requirements, Convey Tachograph is designed to deliver better business operations whatever the size of your fleet. It cuts out paper and makes communication between drivers and managers part of the day-to-day workflow, saving time and money.

Opportunities from Compliance

Convey Tachograph switches the need for compliance into opportunities to improve what you do and how you do it.

Convey Tachograph builds up a complete picture of driving, working, break and rest patterns.

Regular analysis will help you identify infringements, best performance or areas of risk that you can then resolve or develop to improve your business.

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